A New Line of 32mm Fantasy Football Miniatures

Slugkap Kipplecrac, the Goblin Chainsaw Maniac (Metal)


[Dinky Destroyers Range; Wave 1]

'' Festooned with an grim array of blood caked trophies and keepsakes, Slugkap is here to do just two things; Eviscerate the opposition.. and chew beetle larvae... and he's all out of beetle larvae (!) ''

This 32mm metal cast miniature was sculpted by Goblin Master Kev Adams exclusively for Geeksalad Miniatures. These unique casts are rendered in high quality white metal with a conventional slotter tab.

This guy would make a great fantasy football special weapon, star player proxy for Nobbla Blackwort or chainsaw wielding loon in any number of game scenarios.

Designed in house and traditionally sculpted, and cast in the UK.

Not suitable for children under the age of 12.

I am trying to operate as eco-friendly as possible, so plastic bases will not be provided. All packaging, labels and postage materials are bio degradable/ recyclable and I would activley encourage their re-use.